Website Design

They say looks don’t matter but we really beg to differ – especially when it comes to your website design. If we talk about food, for example, the eyes feast on the presentation of the meal first. It becomes full with how the food looks first, not with how it tastes. The same thing goes for websites. People feel satisfied with what they see first; it influences their decision to stay or to just move on to another website.

Of course, it would help if what comes after is even more pleasing. This is why having a winning product is very important. But in order for people to even get to your products page, you have to make sure that they are greeted with an aesthetically pleasing homepage. If your homepage looks dishevelled, out of place, or just downright obsolete, you will give people the wrong impression about your business. And more often than not, they’d bounce off your website quicker than kangaroo with fire on its feet.

Presentation is important for any business. We first engage people into the idea of buying the product by setting the mood for them. Once you set the right atmosphere, the chances of users staying in your website and looking around are higher. After all, people like being around pretty things. Here in, we pride ourselves in bringing clients not just high-quality content but aesthetically advantageous website designs as well. We believe in matching users’ wants and expectations, this is why we exceed our limits to bring your website visitors only the best and most unique online experience.

With the help of our talented web designers, we can turn your website into a retreat for online users where they can gain access to read-worthy content and other convenient functions. We can make sure that your products are optimally positioned so that it grabs visitors’ attention and therefore, increase organic sales. We don’t just patch things together without thoroughly studying your market specifically. We optimize your web design by utilizing our knowledge of the market and applying techniques we know will work best with your business.

While website design boils down to making your website aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, it also takes into account other important factors such as effective placement of plugins, “Call to Action” links, and product advertisements. It’s not just about making a website look pretty; it’s also about making it profitable. This is why hiring graphic designers is not always the best option to consider when you need website revamping. Seeking the advice of seasoned marketing experts will help you decide on which website layout is better, if not best.

We advise clients to switch to WordPress – and for very good and practical reasons. WP offers plugins and website features that cannot be found anywhere else. It is also equipped with helpful and cost-efficient tools that can help you improve and monitor website activity. Above all, WP offers a wide variety of font styles and layout designs that can be tailored to what your business needs. WordPress also keeps up with the changing times so you can be sure that they add new functions and designs with every update.

By doing a 100% free website audit, we can determine the kind of website your market needs. Our marketing experts and web designers then move on to drafting your highly efficient and functional WordPress website. And you can actively take part in the whole selection process as well. We can help you create an online office that does not only look pleasing but drives in terrific sales as well.

Below, we decided to answer few of the most frequently asked questions clients have whenever they’re about to sign up for our service. We hope the following sections can help enlighten you as well. Thus far, we have helped thousands of websites gain online authority and influence in a span of 11 years. We can surely do wonders for your business too.   

Why Is Website Design So Important?

The way your website looks is more important than you think. This is because it’s the first thing that greets people when they come to visit your website. Needless to say, we judge things (and people) based on what we see the first time – even if we’re not aware of it or try to deny it. Thing is, our eyes can make assumptions about things based on what it sees. It’s like an instinct; you can’t just shut it off.

The only difference between judging a website and person is that when you judge a person, there’s a good chance you’ll change your views once you get to know them. When it comes to websites, there are only a handful of people who would continue looking at a site when they are least impressed. Most human beings will scurry away from websites they find unappealing – and that’s normal.

This is what makes web design so important. You have to make your online office as beautiful and presentable as your physical office (if you have one). You should make it so that when people first arrive on your website, they are encouraged to keep on looking. The more inviting your website is, the more likely users would stay and look around – and hopefully, they like what they see in your product or service page enough to contribute to your sales.

Does It Really Need To Be WordPress?

WordPress isn’t the only web hosting and design provider out there. There are many others, that is for sure. However, the reason we use to encourage our clients to go with WordPress is that we find it convenient and we know that they will too. WP offers many design layouts that can be tailored to exactly what your business needs. It has all kinds of convenient functions and features that can really help you get the most out of your website.

If I were to ask you: Would you prefer to do it the easy way or the hard way? I’m pretty sure you’d answer “easy.” Well, that’s what WP brings to the table – easy. It empowers business owners to design their company website the way they want to even when they don’t know the first thing about web design. It makes designing not just fun but also convenient and fast.

Another great thing about using WordPress is that it comes with free downloadable plug-ins, most of which are exclusive to WP. You can use tools to help you keep track of your website’s activities as well as download widgets to use for your website’s interface. Not to mention, with so many layouts to choose from, you’ll never run dry of design ideas.

What Design Is A Good Design?

We believe that in order to come up with the perfect design, asking for client input is a must. Unlike other web and graphic artists, we don’t just believe in our vision – we believe in yours. We know that as the owner of the website, you know what is best for your company. We understand that only you can fully grasp the kind of website your audience wants. Therefore, we believe in working closely with you, asking for your input whenever we can.

Also, we believe that in order for a web design to be considered good, it should also be functional. Aside from making pretty layouts and aesthetic website looks, we pride ourselves in coming up with UX-optimized websites. This means that we value User Experience (UX) above everything. Why? It’s because the ones to judge whether your website is worthy of someone’s time or not are users, not us. This is why we make sure to study the kind of audience your company would like to attract and apply design theories we deem most appropriate for their group.

Designing is not just about prettifying things; we know that much. We also know that it takes more than just the “look” of your website to woo customers even if it does play a pretty big part. We make sure that every aspect of your online marketing campaign is well taken care of.