Social Media Advertising

Social media is now a huge part of our daily life. If you commute via bus in the morning, you’d see that half of the passengers are either checking their Instagram account or chatting on Facebook. The other half you’d probably see wearing earphones, giggling softly over funny videos on YouTube. You might even relate to this scenario entirely as you could be doing the same thing the moment you wake up or before you go to bed. Anyway, it is no secret that social media has seeped into the very heart of society in the 21st century. And for businesses, this can only mean one thing: Opportunity.

That’s right. When it comes to online marketing, you should make use of all resources available to you. Ranking search engines with the help of Local and National SEO is one way of gaining presence online, putting forth effort in your social media advertising is another. Compared to traditional marketing methods like paper ads, social media advertising is far more effective and timely. People may not read the newspaper on a daily basis but they will read online tabloids. After all, it’s convenient, highly accessible, and free. If you’re going to make your product pitch anywhere, it should be online.

On the outside, Social Media Advertising or SMA may seem simple enough. After all, updating your feed every now and then shouldn’t be too hard to do – we do it all the time! However, just like other campaigns, SMA also involves a lot of work. From choosing what content to share to deciding the frequency of posting, SMA can involve a lot of tedious work. Not to mention, you also have to make sure that you take care of not just one social media account but several others which may include (depending on the nature of your business): Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit.

As you can see, having to take care of all these online accounts simultaneously can considerably consume a lot of your time. This is why our agency exists. We aim to help businesses improve their online presence by taking command of their online marketing needs. From SEO, SMA, to Content Marketing, we hope to usher a stable flow of authority towards our clients’ websites in the most time-efficient and budget-friendly way possible.

In our Social Media Advertising services for instance, we make sure that your accounts make impact online by posting share-worthy information and visual data that will add value and meaning to your audience. The best thing about this service is that this works hand-in-hand with our other products such as Content Marketing and SEO. We can create unique content that will drive user traffic to your website and improve market reach by sharing SEO optimized content over your social media accounts. With SEO and SMA working alongside each other, landing in the first page of the SERPs is no longer a pipe dream.

Of course, patience is the key to a successful online campaign. This kind of magic doesn’t happen overnight. The best thing about working with us is that we get you involved every step of the way. Rather than just passively observing our operation, we keep you in the loop with the latest updates and improvements on your website. We also provide you with updated reports regarding your online metrics such as user traffic, website authority, and readers’ engagement with your content. With our help, we can make your social media campaign stronger than ever.

 We do understand that you still have a few questions in mind though. If you’re curious about this service and want to know more, we decided to answer a couple of FAQs clients often inquire about this particular service. If you can’t find the answer to your questions here, feel free to contact the team via email and phone call as well. You can find our contact details in our ‘Contact Us’ page. We’d be more than happy to hear from you!       

Why Social Media?

Well, why not? People of all kinds from all places flock to social media websites to mingle around, have fun, and get in touch with the world. Proof of social media success is reflected in the way we live life today. In the ’90s, for example, the first thing people do when they get and head for breakfast is to check the doorstep for newspaper delivery. They sit down and read the latest news over a fine cup of coffee. Now, I doubt you even get newspaper subscription. Most people would wake up in the morning and check Instagram before they even gargle. Swipe, swipe, swipe and the next thing you know, it’s time for work so you just grab a piece of toast and jolt off.

Of course, we’re not implying that this is a bad thing. In fact, this is amazing news for businesses. The fact that people are on social media all the time works for establishments looking for some great places to do a little advertising. People may not pick up a newspaper these days but they will definitely read online tabloids. They’d even read content from spammy sites and websites that publish fake news. If you can bring something fresh, new, and authentic to the table, then you can pretty much imagine the kind of attention you’ll garner.

So it’s not really a question of “why” you should be on social media; it’s a question of “how.” Fortunately, we’re here to help you out. Suddenly going into the jungle we call social media can be a bit overwhelming – even when you have winning content to offer. This is why we provide this service for businesses who can’t find the time or simply do not know how to get around social media websites.

What Can Social Media Advertising Do For Your Business?

To answer this inquiry in two words: A lot. SMA can do wonders for your business. From bringing more people in to your website to helping you raise brand awareness, the possibilities are just endless. Social media is something all people use these days. You can ask the person you live at home with or the one sitting next to you during a bus ride whether he or she is using any social site and I’m positive that you’ll get a positive response.

We have all sorts of websites dedicated to socials. Examples of which are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. These websites help people connect; they make the world a smaller place. To businesses, this signals a lot of opportunities to pitch their products. With a global market within reach, the possibilities for growing your brand becomes limitless. Also, social media websites have devised friendly functions that work well for businesses. They now allow ads in videos, newsfeeds, and stories for a minimal fee and the creation of pages and groups for niche-specific industries. They have created a safe space for both businesses and customers to reach out to each other.

The only challenge is that you’re not the only one eyeing social media as a platform to advertise your brand. Many businesses are considering it too which is why it is also tough to get some attention online. Lucky for you, we just happen to be very good at it. We extend our Social Media Advertising Services to establishments that feel like they need to amp up their game on social websites.

What Is Usually Done When You Do SMA?

While there are many things involved, Social Media Advertising is focused more on making your brand relatable to the public. This means posting, publishing, and sharing content that will make people fall in love with your company and products. This may seem fairly easy but in the long run, things can get crazy.

Staying on top of everything when you’re running a business is close to impossible – that is, if you don’t implore the right help. Keeping up with your social media activities, for example, is time-consuming and effortful. Without a competent team to back you up, it’s going to be difficult to manage. You do have the option to instate an in-house social media marketing team but it will cost far too much and you’d also have to worry about employee contracts, benefits and all. If you outsource, on the other hand, you get to free more of your time and redirect your efforts to more important things without having to worry about labor requirements and whatnot.

Also, with an experienced team like ours, you can be sure that the content you share with the public online creates a positive impact on your brand. If anything, it can help you improve traffic to your website. And when you’ve got higher traffic flowing to your website, you increase your chances of bagging sales and conversions.