SEO Myths That You Should Probably Know About

I hate to say it but most of us are plagued by indecision. One moment we feel totally game to do something; the next moment we’re just out of it. But this much is to be expected. Humans have fickle minds, after all. We’re always filled with anxious thoughts and that makes us second guess our own decisions – especially when it comes to matters that involve money.

As a businessman, I’m sure that you are ridden with doubtful thoughts too. In fact, I think you’re infested by them more than anyone – all for good reasons. First off, the last thing you would want to happen is to run your business to the ground. Like, who would want that? Surely, no one in their right mind would want to see their investment and efforts go to waste. This is why we really understand the anxiety you feel whenever someone tries to suggest a completely new concept for your business. Say, SEO for example.

What Is SEO?

New York has been around for roughly a dozen years now so we can say that our company was founded right around the time of SEO’s inception. Through the years, we have seen it grow from a simple idea into a complex yet highly-efficient system. We have seen it grow from a sapling into the huge foundation that it is for digital marketing today. This is why you can trust us when we say that you can lay your worries to rest. SEO is a real thing and it’s going to take your company places.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization (read more). Well, if you haven’t heard about it already. To explain it shortly, it is basically an online marketing method used to enhance your internet presence and authority. The goal of any SEO campaign is to get your website pages (especially the home page) to rank in the search engines like Google and Yahoo. Studies and statistics will show you that ranking higher in Search Engine Page Results (SERP for short) positively impacts your ROI. It increases sales and consequently, revenue. It helps you get the most out of your online business.

Why is this so?

In today’s age, people come to search engines for almost anything. When they are conflicted about matters of love, they ask Google. When they’ve run up a wall and don’t know what to write in their English essay anymore, they check Wikipedia. When they want to search for a good local food place to try, they check out Google Maps for directions and recommendations. Everything we do now is heavily influenced by the internet so it is no exaggeration to say that it has indeed become part of our everyday lives.

For businesses, this spells opportunity. With so many people around the world gathering in one place aka “The Internet,” businesses of all kinds are given the chance to showcase their products and services to a bigger audience. All they need is to establish their own online domain; create their own website so to speak. With a website, a business can tap into the global audience as well as increase sales traffic locally. That is if their website becomes noticeable enough. This is when SEO becomes extremely helpful and promising.

By applying SEO techniques and strategies to your website and growing your influence online, you get the chance to rank higher in the SERPs, therefore, making your company more visible to the browsing crowd. The more people who are led to your website, the more chances you have of getting the attention of potential buyers. SEO is a very helpful marketing tool that may serve as the game changer for your business. It will surely bring you and your company to greater heights.

Still, some people remain skeptical about it – and not that I blame them.

There are other digital marketing techniques aside from SEO and I guess that businesses are still businesses at the end of the day. Many rumors have been floating around about the inefficiency and incompetence of SEO as a marketing technique but we’re here to convince you otherwise. Hearsays are just hearsays. In the cutthroat world of business, rumors are to be expected. But that is just what they are: Rumors. I think the word “myth” is more appropriate for them. Even in 2019, they’re still at it: .

Businesses are always at each other’s throats so you should be surprised why there is ill news about SEO online. Our firm has existed for 12 long years and we have many clients that still stick with us to this day. If SEO was a hoax, fraud, scam, or whatever those propaganda-filled tabloids try to tell you, then why do you think our business has survived this long? Surely, if we were tricking people to avail of our services, we wouldn’t be holding such a clean track record.

This only goes to show that myths are just myths; there is no way to prove them true. They’re just made up stories – or in this case, issues – that are meant to ruin this industry’s good reputation. The fact of the matter is that SEO works – a little too well perhaps which is why so many others feel jealous of our campaigns’ successes. But I’m sure that simply telling you that whatever negative things you hear about are not true is not going to work. I believe we need to be a little more elaborate than that.

So below, we have listed down some of the infamous and ridiculous myths about SEO we know about and we’re here to bring some truth into them. Don’t worry, though. Just because we’re an SEO firm doesn’t mean our judgment is prejudiced. We work honestly with clients and we value the trust they place in us very much. Rest assured, what we have exposed below is nothing but the truth. Here we go:

SEO Is Dead

To the guy who just started yapping about how SEO is dead, shame on you. SEO is not dead; it has simply evolved into something bigger and better. The marketing strategy that existed yesterday may not be the same as what we have today but that doesn’t take the whole thing out of the picture. To this day, SEO specialists and experts (like us here in New York SEO) continue to refine and improve our techniques and strategies so that we can tap into bigger markets and increase opportunities for our clients. Our loyal partners would tell you that SEO may not have been the same as before but it has certainly become better.

SEO Is Ineffective

Uh-uh. We have been in this industry for 12 long years. If this marketing methodology has not proved its effectivity and efficiency, we would have canned the whole method a decade ago. The very fact that we continue to expend our energies on creating a better SEO for our clients is proof enough that it works. The only problem with today’s world is that we expect lightning-fast results when clearly, the old adage says “Good things come to those who wait.”    

Search Engine Optimization is not an overnight miracle; it’s not magic that happens right before your very eyes. It’s a delicate and intricate strategy that needs time to flourish. It needs to be nurtured and given much attention in order to reach its immense potential. You think of SEO as a roller-coaster ride. It starts out slow and almost dragging but when it starts to work, it hits off fast. All that’s left to do once it takes off is to hold and maintain the fort.

SEO Is Nothing But A Farce

Lastly, SEO is not just something, we, digital marketers made up just so we can “stay on the business.” Other than this specific marketing method, there are many things we do: Social Media Advertising, PPC Marketing, Content Marketing & Management, Email Marketing, Website Design & Development, etc. We can find our bread and butter elsewhere, not just with this campaign.

We do SEO because we know that it can help companies and businesses worldwide. In fact, we could’ve kept this to ourselves and just rank our own websites but that’s not exactly the kind of thing that will make you feel fulfilled. Whenever we help out websites and they turn out great because of our collaborative efforts, we feel extremely happy and blessed to be a part of their success. It’s one of the joys of being in a service-oriented business. So no, SEO is definitely not made up. Saying so is an insult to the backbreaking work we have invested and all the time we have spent enabling this passion of ours.   

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