National SEO Marketing

When you’ve established a good foundation for your brand, it is time for you to take things up a notch and explore a whole new level. It is time for you to venture into National SEO.

National SEO is similar to Local SEO. I guess you can say that it’s Local SEO all grown-up. With National SEO, you take on a bigger, broader, and grander stage. This is when your brand has graduated from trying to rank niche and geographically specific keywords and start ranking broader and more general keywords. Now this may sound easy but in reality, this would entail a whole lot of work to do. Luckily, there are talented agencies like to take care of all this work for you.

Anyway, it is important that you understand how National SEO works first. As mentioned earlier, National SEO marketing has a broader approach to building your influence online. With that being said, we assume that you have already put in a lot of work locally. If not, we suggest that you take a few steps back and read our website’s section on Local SEO marketing. After all, the best time to initiate National SEO efforts is when you have successfully established your roots in the local market. Competing with other businesses on a national level is not going to be a breeze, you see. You will need a stronghold, a home base that will act as your source of admiration and support. 

Once you get the local market all figured out, the next step is to widen your market reach. This is done by targeting less specific keywords or short-tail keywords as SEO professionals would term it. Short-tails are general terms for goods and services. It’s the umbrella word devoid of any kind of specificity. Examples are health care, ice cream shop, hotel, travel agency, etc. These are general terms with no geographical or adjectival association which means that you will not be competing with just hundreds or thousands of websites. When it comes to National SEO, competing alongside millions of other websites is a more plausible probability you would want to entertain.

However, despite being extremely tricky, it is not impossible to rank internationally – especially when you receive good help and guidance. This is the very reason why we SEO experts work day in and day out to refine our techniques and strategies. It is all to help you rank the SERPs and achieve dominance in your respective online industries.

National SEO starts with a thorough audit of your existing website (that is assuming you already have one). We do this audit completely free of charge so you don’t have to worry about costs at this point in time. This audit can help identify your website’s strengths and weaknesses and we would then devise an actionable plan to help you improve your website’s content and make it search engine friendly. What we offer is a guided process wherein you get to actively participate in your website’s transformation rather than just observe what we do from afar.

We pride ourselves in keeping our clients on the loop with whatever it is we’re working on in their website. We make sure that everyone is well-informed about the campaign’s progress and changes at all times – be it with Local or National SEO.

We understand that before you jump the gun, you would want to be as informed as possible. This is why we have enlisted some common questions we get from clients below in hopes that you will find answers to your inquiries there. If you still have questions about this service that you would want personally answered by one of our experienced professionals, you can always reach out to us via email or phone call. We’d be more than happy to hear from you!

Am I Ready For National SEO?

The answer to this question depends on how far along you are in your online marketing campaign. If you’ve never tried SEO before and this is the very first time you’re putting a foot in, then the answer is negative. You’re best off starting with Local SEO. But if you’ve already started with your local campaign and everything seems to be fine and dandy (even if you had it done by a different agency), then yes – now is a good time to delve into National SEO.

Whether you’re ready or not can be determined after we conduct an initial audit of your website. We believe in being interactive with our clients. This is why instead of sending you a generic written report of your website’s audit; we create a video audit that explains where your website is currently at in terms of online presence and authority and what we can do to help you improve in those points. We can also help you assess other factors that impact your web standing like your website design and social media influence.

Although our firm’s first love is SEO, we agree that it is not the only thing that can help you improve your internet presence. We recognize social media, design, and layout, as well as content marketing to be crucial assets for your website as well. This is why we also offer such services. If by any chance we find that your website is in need of assistance in these departments, we’ll include it in our audit findings as well.

Once we determine the current state of your website, we can then advise you to push through or hold off on National SEO. Should we find your website in need of more work before going national, we’d be sure to offer you viable solutions.

What Is Involved In National SEO?

If you’ve read the section on our website that is about Local SEO, you’d know that “local” means targeting specific keywords or long-tails. When you go National, the focus is redirected to generic or short-tail keywords (e.g. common nouns, two-word phrases) that are harder to rank because of the voluminous content categorized them.

Let me explain this in more detail.

When someone searches for “car manufacturers in Detroit” in Google, the search engine will most likely generate tens or hundreds of thousands of results. On the other hand, if someone searched “car manufacturers” alone, this will increase the number of results by ten-fold – maybe even more. The first one is what you’d refer to as long-tail keywords and the latter is what you’d term as short-tail ones. In other words, when you go National, you shift from specific and locally marked searches to generic and mostly vague searches. This is why trying to rank at this stage is very hard. But of course, when you do rank, you are rewarded greatly.

We have ranked over 6,000 keywords for our clients – a good number being generic ones. It’s difficult to rank short tail keywords but with the right technique and a lot of patience, it is possible. Our skilled experts and more than a decade of experience qualify us for such a great ordeal. If there is one thing our firm promises to bring you, it is results.

What Is The Biggest Advantage Of Doing National SEO?

National SEO is a campaign service that allows you to expand your website’s reach. Instead of just aiming for the local market and winning the hearts of the local audience, your business and brand take on the national stage to get even more people to place their confidence in your products and services. With that being said, the biggest advantage of doing National SEO is you get to expand your market reach.

This campaign will help drive more traffic to your website. An increase in traffic will inevitably increase sales and conversions. If you’re a subscription-based website, then it would help increase the number of subscriptions you get per month as well. In order to sell a product, one must first find a way to get people to see the product. No one can buy something that is unknown to them. Going national with your SEO campaign means that more people will encounter your product and services and depending on what you bring to the table, it will significantly impact how your products and services perform in the market.

Aside from liquid sales and conversions, your business or company can also benefit from the publicity achieved by a National SEO marketing campaign. It can help your branding efforts and immortalize your business in the market. Do National SEO with Social Media and Content Marketing and you’re sure to get awesome results.