Local SEO Marketing

Local SEO is where most businesses start. After all, dominating the local market scene is the best place to begin building your brand. You can consider it as investing in a home base. If you are looking for people to support your newly established business, home is the first place you should consider.

Contrary to popular opinion, Local SEO is just as challenging as National SEO. Yes, we would be dealing with a much smaller audience compared to the global stage. However, intricate work is put into the local approach. It is more specific, niche-driven, and focused on individual details. In other words, a “one size fits all” kind of campaign will not work in a local setting.

This is why we strive to create and implement unique local marketing techniques for each of its clients. Our clients spring from different places with different backgrounds and diverse communities. We understand that in order to help your business grow online, we would need to conduct your SEO using a bottoms-up approach. This means that we have to take a look at the finer details and build up our strategies from there.

Many of you may be confused as to how Local SEO works – or in this case, how it differentiates from the normal SEO you know. As mentioned above, the local approach is more specific. This would entail the use of long-tail keywords to optimize your website’s content. In local SEO, the longer and more specific the keywords are, the better. This will help ensure that we tap the right audience with your content.

Take our company as an example. Our team members at New York SEO help businesses, big and small, achieve online success by optimizing their websites in ways that appeals to online search markets. Although we do aim to help companies globally, we also pride ourselves in helping local businesses – those that are based throughout the state – establish excellent online presence. In order for us to reach businesses within the city and extend our services to them, we have to focus our work into improving our Local SEO efforts. We have to make sure that we come out on top whenever a local search is made.

If you’re wondering what long-tail keywords look like, they are detailed phrases people type in search boxes whenever they are looking for something specific. Instead of searching for “best pizza,” they would search for “best pizza in Bronx.” Instead of typing “what to do when travelling” they would search for “what to do when travelling to Osaka, Japan” or something like that. Anyway, local searches are more particular and explicit which is why it is more tedious to work on. This is also why professionals who work on Local SEO sure have their work cut out for them.

If you’re still looking for a sign whether you should invest in your company’s Local SEO or not, then this is it. If you want to grow your brand internationally, you first need to win over your local market. This will help you establish a strong foundation for your brand. Once you win the local market over, word will spread like wildfire. It is when you reach that momentum that you can move your marketing strategy to the next level. In other words, that’s when you go national.

With all that being said, I’m pretty sure that you still have a question or two plaguing your thoughts. That is perfectly normal. In fact, I may be able to help enlighten you on some of these questions so please read the short Q and A section we have below:

Why Start Locally?

If your ultimate goal is to join the big shots in the national stage, then we understand why you’re so eager to start right away. After all, every second count doesn’t it? However, what you also need to understand is that building a solid foundation for your brand is very important and you can achieve this by starting with Local SEO.

Think of it this way: Ranking locally will have an intermediate level of difficulty. This level of difficulty quadruples the more generic the keywords you try to rank for. If you can’t even rank long-tail searches, then you have pretty slim chances of ranking for short-tail ones. Search engines apply a quality score for every website and doing well in your Local SEO will significantly improve your website’s quality score.

Aside from that, local rankings will help you build better rapport with nearby audiences. If you have a physical office or store (e.g. you own a local law firm or restaurant), this can work to your advantage. Your strong focus in online marketing will not only increase your online traffic but your offline visits as well. This is very important for businesses who are more into retail and deals perishable goods.

What’s Your Biggest Advantage With Local SEO?

There are many advantages to starting locally but if I were to pick one major advantage, it would be that the likelihood of “winning” in local SEO is quite high. You know how people always say choose your battles? Well, it’s not any different when it comes to online marketing. If you plunge headfirst into National SEO without even testing the waters with Local SEO, you’ll end up wasting time, money and effort – and more money. We trust that you understand how marketing activities can depreciate your funds if used unwisely.

Anyway, starting small and working your way up from there is way more practical than thrusting directly into unknown territory. Starting locally will also help you get a “feel” of your industry better. You’ll be able to find out whether your industry is highly populated with businesses similar to yours and devise appropriate counterstrategies to give you head start from your competitors.

Another advantage is that you get to build your website’s authority. Ranking for long-tail keywords will significantly increase your online standing and it will be regarded positively by search engines. Working on your DA and PA (Domain and Page Authority) will give you the upper hand against your competitors and will positively impact your future campaigns, especially when you start delving into National SEO.

What Is Your Biggest Disadvantage?

One thing we pride ourselves in is honest marketing. Although we would love for you to sign up right away and start availing our services, we want you to make your decision after you have considered all factors that come into play when you start this campaign.

First off, local SEO is focused more on ranking long-tail keywords. This means that we, your SEO team, will mostly direct our hard work and efforts into ranking your web content for specific (and mostly geographic) searches.

What does this mean?

This means that you will not be appearing in the SERPs for generic or short-tail keywords anytime soon. For example, if you own a clothing store in New York City, we will focus your local SEO in ranking keywords like “clothing store in New York” or “clothes shop in New York City.” If people were to search for just “clothing store” or “clothes shop,” there’s a pretty slim chance your website will be up there with the others.

Then again, Local SEO is where every business starts. Also, it’s a great way to build rapport with local customers and get them to come down to your shop. All in all, Local SEO will help you increase traffic to your website and business.