How Affiliate Marketing Works & Why You Might Be Interested

If you were given the choice to either earn money the hard or easy way, which would you pick? Wait, there’s no need to answer that because I already know what you’re going to say. After all, if humans are faced with two possible situations – one being easy and the other being very difficult – I’m pretty sure that they would go with the easy one. Not that I don’t think they could take on the challenge but because we like convenience. If there is an easier route to take, then why not right?

I think this goes especially with matters that involve money.

Earning your keep is hard. It can be terribly demanding in terms of time, effort and energy. It would be okay and all if you’re compensated more than enough for your hard work but that isn’t the case most times. Usually, it’s the other way around: You get less for what you’ve worked for. And it’s quite a shame.

Sure enough, day jobs keep the bread on the table but it doesn’t exactly make you feel financially free. What usually happens is that you get to feed yourself and spoil yourself too once in a while (I mean, what are credit cards for right?) but after some time, you find yourself scurrying left and right just to pay off bills and debts. Working a day job is often not enough to sustain a comfortable life in the world today. Everything is so expensive than a month in jail doesn’t sound too bad if it means you can get away from taxes and eat three square meals a day.

But of course, no one really dreams of living a life behind bars.

So here’s a suggestion: Why not try to look for ways to earn passively? With the internet and technology as it is today, earning a lot of cash for less effort is no longer a pipe dream (check out this video). If you build your knowledge base enough about the many passive-income strategies we have in the world today, I think that even you can find something you’d be comfortable doing. But first things first:

How Can You Earn Passively?

When we talk about passive income, we refer to the money you earn without having to work for it – or at least, not having to work for it anymore. For example, when music artists produce songs and albums (which take a ton of work, I know), the sales their art makes in the years to come can be referred to as passive income. This includes merch, online streaming, copyright fees, etc. They don’t necessarily have to be there or perform the songs just to earn money. After they release it, their music will circulate in the market for years. If it hits off well, we may even be talking about decades. The same goes for writers, authors, movie producers, and many similar crafts.

However, you must be thinking that all of these examples do not necessarily apply to you so let me make things more relatable.

A more popular passive income strategy in modern times is stock trading. When you engage in stock trades, you just buy and wait. You don’t really have to do any labor here. You buy stocks, keep watch of the volatile market and when you finally think you’ve struck a good deal; you sell and make a profit. Needless to say, this is easier said than done. Markets can be extremely volatile and you never know when a company may plummet in-stock rates – or worse, go bankrupt. Aside from these obvious risks, trading should be a fairly good source of passive income. Instead of having to work for money, you let money work for you. All you need to do is invest in the right places. Check out more info about this here: .

Another popular money-making solution is Affiliate Marketing. Ever heard about it? Since almost everything is now done online, businesses of all kinds regard the internet as their ticket to global opportunities. And they’re not wrong too. When you deal and promote your products online, you really do reach a larger market – if not the largest. We are talking on a global scale here. As long as your website is marketable and has good traffic, it can be accessed by people from almost every nook and cranny in the world. But first, you need exposure so thank goodness we have SEO for that.

Anyway, if you’re still not too familiar with the concept of Affiliate Marketing, let me explain it to you in greater detail.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

When you say affiliate, you are mostly referring to a “partner” or “member.” In the world of E-commerce, the world mostly refers to business partners. Companies, big ones usually, are always on the lookout for the next big thing. After all, it is with influential and trending markets that they can create the most impact in.

When you do business online, everything feels like a high-speed chase. Fads come and go; trends are born as fast as they expire. Frankly speaking, we’re an online business too but we also find this hectic climate to be terribly stressful sometimes. You can only do so much to keep up. But for big shot companies, they make it their life to follow these volatile and impulsive changes. After all, this is where the money’s at. Whenever they find a new website or internet personality that seems to make a good impression on the buying public, they make it a point to recruit them – offer them a slot to become one of their affiliates.

An affiliate, therefore, in E-commerce is someone that you contract with to help you sell your products and services. For companies, it’s a good marketing strategy. It allows them to expand their horizons and market reach. For you, it can mean income – a passive way to earn money. Just think about it. Your website does the work and you get paid? Why did you not think about this before?

But how do you become an affiliate marketer? How do you transform your website into one?

How To Become An Affiliate Marketer

There are many ways to become an affiliate marketer yourself. There are many paths you could take and several decisions you can make. But I guess at the end of the day, it all boils down to two options:

Grow Your Website’s Influence

You can become an affiliate marketer by means of your website. In fact, it would be no exaggeration to say that many SEO-driven websites all work towards a common goal: Leading an affiliate marketing business. After all, being in the affiliate industry allows you to maximize your earnings without having to procure or produce products to sell yourself. You partner with a bigger and more established company and just help them sell online. Then again, you can’t just come up to Amazon or other big shot companies and ask them to make you an affiliate. Many have tried and failed when they decided to use the “ask nicely” method. This is because many websites are actually giving this a shot and I guess big companies would want to partner with websites that can represent them best and drive in the most sales.

So if you want to afford your website the chance of becoming an Affiliate Website, the first thing you have to do is grow your website’s influence and presence online – and by that, I mean build your website’s authority, reach, user base, etc. The more known and frequently visited your website is, the better chances you have of getting approved for an affiliate account. Once you’re approved, all that’s left to do is create content that helps promote your affiliate company’s products and services and you get substantial commissions in return.

Become An Influencer Yourself

If you think you have the face and the charisma to represent a brand, then rather than working on your website’s influence, how about working on your own personal influence? We now have many internet celebrities that make just as much as your TV personalities because of Affiliate Marketing. Most of them have started on YouTube (which means that they incurred zero costs) and grew their following there. Some influencers started out on other social media websites too like Facebook and Instagram.

Anyway, when you have a considerably large fan base, companies will come to you naturally and propose an affiliate contract – especially when your scope of influence strongly impacts the brand. If you’re the kind of influencer that makes videos about make-up tutorials, for example, chances are high that cosmetic companies will offer you a partnership deal in exchange for promoting their products in your videos and posts. You get commissions whenever users click on your affiliate link and make a purchase. If you have a good following, this can range from hundreds to thousands of affiliate purchases per day – and that’s good money.

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