Google Maps Optimization

If you’re going to rank in the search engines, you might as well rank in all of them. The problem with most Local and National SEO approaches of today is that they are too Google-centric – and by that, we mean the main search website which is One of the fundamental things you must understand with search engine marketing is that not all search engines work the same way. Also, not all people use the same search engines. People may use Yahoo, Yandex, Bing, and other websites for their searches as well. Not to mention, websites like YouTube and Facebook also work as search engines and each of them have their own criteria for ranking content.

Google is not everything in the world of Search Engine Optimization. One can only say that it plays a particularly dominant part.

Aside from, there are also several search engines owned by Google that serve different purposes. Take Google Maps as an example. Yes, GM is also a search engine but as you may have already guessed, it runs using a completely different database.

As the name suggests, Maps is focused more on geographical queries. It assists people with determining locations and also helps navigate their way to their respective destinations. Ever since Google Maps was launched back in 2005, travelling has become a lot easier. In fact, people do not fear unknown places anymore. As long as they have a mobile phone in their hands that can access GM, they have the confidence to go just about anywhere.

Now, what does this have to do with you?

If you own a business that exists in the physical world (e.g. a restaurant, a hiring agency, a law firm, etc.), it is important that you rank search engines like Google Maps. Earlier we mentioned that and google.maps work with different databases. This means that even if your website ranks in Google thanks to your successful Local and National SEO efforts (check out these services here), it does not automatically mean you’ll rank Google Maps.

In order to rank an SE like Maps, you first need to understand the kind of information it wants. Google Maps is a search engine that stores and makes meaningful estimates of geographical data. In other words, it “maps” out the world. It does this not in the general sense, like your ordinary road map, but in a more specific manner – recording street names, building numbers, office names, business names, etc. Needless to say, if you want your website to rank in Google Map searches, you have to feed it geographical data as well. In other words, you need to optimize your business’s location so that it easily registers to GM keywords.

For starters, you would need to increase your citation building efforts. You have to disseminate accurate information about your business’s location and contact information across reputable sources in the internet. Providing descriptions optimized with unique keywords and photographs of the place would help Google Maps locate your physical store better too. If your place of business gets ample recognition from GM and it meets all measures of quality, you are likely to rank Google Maps’ searches whenever location or business specific keywords are typed in by users on their queries.   

Again, this is the kind of task that is easier said than done. It may be a job that involves simple citation and link building but you will need thousands of these before it begins to show any visible results. Plus, you can’t just cite anywhere. You have to make sure that you reference your business in reputable websites and online directories. Otherwise, Google Maps will take it the wrong way. That is equivalent to hundreds of hours of tedious labor. If you don’t want to bother yourself with learning how to optimize for Google Maps from scratch, then you can leave this important task to us. Our experienced and skilled professionals are more than ready to take on this challenge and deliver brilliant results for your business.

To give you an overview of what happens if you avail of our Google Maps Optimization service, we decided to answer some of our clients most asked questions:

Why Is Google Maps So Important?

Many of you may think that this is somewhat new. We all know that we need to rank on Google to increase traffic and sales but optimizing for Google Maps specifically is not a topic so often talked about. However, if you’ve been studying the latest trends in online marketing, you’d understand just how important GM is for companies who market their products online.

These days, your presence online basically decides how your company will move forward. If you don’t redirect some of your advertising focus to the internet, you will be left behind the times. It would even be no exaggeration to say that your brand is almost non-existent. Aside from doing Local and National SEO to boost your profile in search engine databases and land you first page spots in the SERPS, you should also consider delving into related strategies such as Social Media Advertising – and yes, Google Maps Optimization.

Take yourself as an example. If you don’t know where to go or how to get to a specific place, do you open a traditional map to try and figure out where you are? Do you use a compass or look at the stars to determine your location? The answer is most likely no. That’s because we seldom use such methods to determine our location and/or destination. Nowadays, almost everything is digital and automated, including mapping systems.

We bet you are also an avid user of GM so you should also assume that your niche market, too, uses the service. Whenever they look for restaurant recommendations, travel agencies, or law firms in their area, Google Maps is what they’d use. If you can rank keywords in this application, you increase your chances of getting more direct calls or offline visits from customers. Optimizing for GM is a great strategy for businesses that are into retail or selling consumable goods.

What Is The Biggest Advantage of Optimizing For Google Maps?

There are many advantages to optimizing Google Maps and we’d love to go over them with you when you set an appointment with us. But what we can tell you right here and now is that the biggest advantage to optimizing for GM is that you get to increase organic sales and traffic – not just online but offline as well.

Google Maps Optimization is best done with Local SEO. Why? Well, for starters, Local SEO focuses on the immediate market. This means the people close to your business, specifically. When your audience is proximate to your place of business, you can make use of our Google Maps Optimization service to make sure that you rank in local searches done on Google Maps. This means that when a potential clients or customers keys in a location search that matches the keyword you optimized for, GM will display your office’s exact address as well as directions on how to get there.

Users are likely to pick out businesses that provide clear instructions as to where their offices or shops can be found. The more accessible your place is to them, the better. So you better make sure that your establishment is registered accurately on Google Maps.

When Can I Start Optimizing For Google Maps?

Unlike Local and National SEO, there aren’t a lot of rules surrounding Google Maps Optimization. You can start whenever you feel fit. In fact, it would be best to start optimizing for GM as soon as your business opens. You can start by providing ample citations of your website and business details in relevant sites so that Google Maps can “ping” them.

You may have spotted Google’s van or truck pass by your house or place of business once or twice before. These service vehicles are most usually sent out to keep track of new businesses, landmarks, and offices. Google is very keen on quality and they do whatever it takes to keep their systems updated. However, in the far off chance that they don’t run by your establishment physically, your optimization efforts will be more than enough to let them know that you’ve opened shop somewhere out there. If your citations are done right, they’d be able to pinpoint your exact location as well.

The real fun starts the moment you get into their system. Our team of professionals can help you optimize your content to be GM-friendly and have you appearing first on the list whenever a location search is made online.