Client Misconceptions About SEO That We Think You Should Know About

As professionals ourselves, we can’t deny it. Building links is a huge part of SEO – and for good reason. When we begin to work on our client’s website, it’s hard to see where everything is going. This is why we get a lot of anxious messages from them like:

“I don’t see much progress on my website. Are you sure you’re working on it?”

“My website looks kind of the same as it was a month ago. Should I be worried?”

“Are you even putting in the hours? What in the world am I paying you for?”

These anxious questions are pretty normal; we get them all the time. We understand that not everyone who works with us truly understands what SEO is and how it’s done. This is why we think we owe it to you to explain how the whole thing works – also, this is to save us from having to answer such silly questions in the future (hopefully).

I’ll start with explaining how the first stage goes down.

How Our SEO Works

If you’ve ever reached out to us or inquired about our services, then we’ve probably offered you this freebie already: A video of our audit of your website. This is because this is how we initiate our New York SEO service. 

As you may already know, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the fine art and science of making your website stand out from the rest by making it rank in the Search Engine Page Results. This applies to search engines of all kinds – from Google to Yahoo, Yandex and Bing. The ultimate objective of SEO is to drive in organic traffic, and consequently sales, to your website by making it more visible on the internet. The higher you rank in search engines, the more likely your website is to get noticed by users. The more visits you get, the more chances you have of landing a real sale or conversion. After all, the first rule of E-commerce business is to get people to “notice” the product.

We create micro-objectives for each and every website we work on. And in order to create these objectives, we first need to identify what it is about your website that needs “working on.” All of this is revealed to us after we conduct an initial audit.

During an audit, we turn a client’s website inside-out. We try to identify factors that are preventing the website from ranking. We check the domain’s authority, the individual pages’ authority, the amount of traffic the website receives, the length of time the average visitor stays glued to the site (which can be less than 6 seconds of the average for many website), and many others. These factors come together to paint a bigger picture: The main reason why your website is nowhere to be found in the SERPs.

Once we have compiled all these individual data, we make sense of it. We send the results to clients in the form of a video so that we can better explain what is lacking in their website. Every issue we bring up has a corresponding statistic or datum to back it up. This is because we don’t want clients to think that we’re making the whole thing up. Take note: We do this video audit service completely free of charge.

It is from this point that we pass the baton to the client. This is when he or she gets to decide whether to work with us or not. I guess what I’m really trying to say here is that we work with clients knowing full well that we have disclosed what it is that we are trying to accomplish with their website by stating our objectives during the audit.

Where Most Confusion Arise

But even after disclosing everything we intend to do to our clients, many still have doubts on their minds. As days pass, these doubts grow into anxious thoughts and the likelihood of them asking us the questions we have given as examples above increases by the day. But this can (yet) be again explained by the following factors:

Clients Tend To Think That SEO Is A One-Time Thing

This is a very common misconception. Many people who are new to SEO believe that they only need to initiate a single campaign and all their ranking problems will be solved. This is very inaccurate thinking. SEO is not a one-time gig you start and hope to last throughout your business’s lifetime (read more). It’s an ongoing process refined and innovated throughout the years. Now, this may make you feel “off” about the whole idea of starting it at all but let me put it this way: Everyone’s doing it and if your reservations inhibit you from doing the same, you’ll have a hard time gaining a market advantage over competitors.

“Everyone is doing it” that’s the part you may want to remember. Because almost every other business is doing it on a global scale, this means that SEO just keeps on improving over time. Even if you rank for several high-traffic keywords, there is no telling how long you will stay on top. After all, the SEO agencies of other companies are racking their brains out and putting in long hours to figure out how to dethrone you. So it’s a cycle, really. We get you to rank; others will try to de-rank you. We get you to rank again; others will try to de-rank you yet again as well. You think of it as marking your territory and defending it. SEO is all about innovation and it makes subtle changes by the year – by the day, even.

This is why, as much as we can, we try to voice-out this fact to our clients before we even start optimizing their website for them. We want to make sure that they’re ready for whatever’s coming up ahead. Even if not us, every SEO firm knows that no results are permanent. We’re just honest enough to disclose it to clients. This is so they don‘t create baseless expectations for themselves like “I’ll just do it for a month or two.” Check this out: .

The best thing about getting this service from us is that clients can stop at any given time. We don’t compel clients to sign renewable contracts or anything of the sort. This is because we know for a fact that clients will not leave when they are satisfied with the kind of service they are getting. This means that you can run your SEO campaign as long as you’d like and end it whenever you feel like it’s enough. No matter how long or short your stay is with us, we will make sure that every penny you spend is worth it.

Clients Sometimes Expect SEO To Work Overnight

I really don’t want to point this out but many people who are unfamiliar with how SEO works tend to think that it’s kind of like magic which happens overnight. Well, it doesn’t. If it did, every other business would have jumped the gun on it already. SEO is a long and tedious process. It involves work that is more troublesome than you know. From searching for keywords to rank to building links, the process can be long and tiresome. It requires extreme passion and strong dedication to actually bring results to the table.

Luckily, this is exactly what our company provides – passion and dedication.

Well, what can we say? We just love SEO. We love every tiresome, troublesome, and tedious part of it. SEO requires a lot of work, you see. For example, when we say “building links,” this doesn’t mean we’re trying to get ten websites to cite your content. We’re trying to get hundreds and thousands of websites to do it. You have to understand that the internet is a big place and unless you bring astronomical numbers to search engines, your website is good as non-existent. It could already take hundreds of hours just to build links alone.

This is why we strongly advise clients to be patient. SEO is mostly an invisible process and results only show after considerable time and effort. Your website’s rank will not spike up in the charts after just a month or two. You cannot build authority overnight. SEO requires a lot of patience and if clients are not willing to invest that much time, then there’s only so much we can do.

Anyway, now that you have been briefed as to what and what not to expect, we hope that you approach us with a more open mind. If you still have questions, don’t worry. We’d love to sit down and discuss them with you. Just give us a call to set up an appointment!

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