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I bet every SEO professional would agree with me when I say that building links is probably the most tedious and challenging part of launching an SEO campaign. It’s for good and worthwhile reasons, though.

For one, links strongly affect a website’s authority. It’s basically what boosts a website’s quality score on search engines. Without links, specifically do-follow links, an online domain is as good as non-existent.

Two, it helps usher organic traffic into a website. The more links you have pointing to your website, the more likely you’re going to get visits from users coming from other websites. You know those cute, little blue highlighted text in articles you read on Buzzfeed or The Atlantic? Those are outbound links – well, for them. For you, it’s an inbound link which means that by clicking or pressing on that highlighted text, the user is redirected to your content. Learn the difference here:

This is what makes links so important in the practice of SEO.

Are they easy to acquire though? Well, I wouldn’t go as far as saying that. Still, you need them if you want to get on the good side of Google.

What Do Links Tell Google?

Organic links are very important because they tell search engines a very specific message:

“This website has something worthy of reading; that is why I’m letting my readers redirect to this page.”

A link, therefore, is a sign of confidence. Data-driven companies, especially favored by search engines like Google because of their helpful nature, are very selective when it comes to their sources. They have an established reputation with search engines and they naturally rank in the SERPs because they have proven to deliver a level of quality that search engines find helpful to users. If you can get a do-follow link from one of these domains, it is sure to increase your website’s authority – by a lot. Get several of them and you’re well on your way to ranking the SERPs yourself (read more).

But of course, this is easier said than done. As I mentioned a paragraph ago, quality websites are very selective of their references. They won’t just link to anybody – less likely so, if it’s a complete nobody. If you are new to the jungle we call the internet, it won’t be easy trying to win these websites over. But there are ways of course.

One involves time and the other involves money. Let’s start with the easiest method.

How Can You Get Quality Sites To Link To Your Content?  

The easiest method is also the most expensive method. Well, what can I say? Money runs the world baby. It’s easier to negotiate when there’s a prize on the table. One method to acquire a good quality link is to pay for it. I wouldn’t really say that it’s the most honest method but hey, is anything really honest in the world of business? I doubt it.

Data-driven websites often allow “Guest Posting.” If you’re not familiar with it, it’s like you’re doing a guest article for a newspaper or magazine. You’re not really a part of a company’s writing team but you are offering to feature your work in their website. Now, I’ve seen a lot of people trying to pass off their intent to guest post as an altruistic contribution to the community but who are we kidding? You and I and other websites know that the main point of guest posting is to get a solid do-follow link to the host website. Really, we get emails about people honestly wanting to “guest post” just to spread the right information but guess what we find in every article contribution? Yep, it’s a proud and loud do-follow link.  A person’s intentions aren’t really that hard to decipher.

Data-driven websites weren’t born just yesterday, you know. And knowing their status, being favoured by search engines and all, you should know that they have already tried every trick in the book to rank. Now, they’re just reaping the fruits of their efforts. Lucky them.

This is why most of them will not really play hooky or beat-around-the-bush with you. If you want to guest post, it’s either you submit an article strip of all links and images for evaluation and posting or you pay them for the active link you want. We have done many guest posting requests in the past (well, we’re an SEO firm in New York City after all) and I could personally tell you that one link can be expensive. The price typically depends on the website’s authority as well. If you want a rough estimate, it’s around $150 to $350 dollars per link which is included in the article.

I’m telling you, they make great business from other businesses. So whoever said that data-driven websites do not profit from their online activities at all is very wrong. They earn more than you know – and that’s not even counting advertisements and affiliate earnings.

Being a start-up company, I understand that having to deal with these expenses soon after you launch your website can be pretty overbearing. In fact, it is unwise to afford yourself such costs because you’re not making a lot of money from your business yet. So you’re probably wondering whether there is another way. Well, there is. As I said before, one way involves money and the other way involves time.

Time and effort can compensate for your reluctance or incapacity to spend on guest posts. Other than paying for active links, you can negotiate for them. Websites, whether they’d be established or not, continually seek other websites that can provide them with new links too. If they don’t do this, it’s only a matter of time before they are dethroned from their high placement in the SERPs. So like you, they are struggling too. The only difference is that they have more leverage when negotiating because their website’ authority is already pretty alluring. They can almost get any other website to get on board with their negotiations.

So what are these methods for acquiring free active links? Well, let me tell you a couple of methods we have tested and proven in the past already.

  • Link Exchanges

You can always propose to exchange links – an inbound link for an inbound link. If your website’s authority is on par (or at least considerable) with the website you’re trying to negotiate with. I’m pretty sure they’d agree. As I said, you’re not the only one needing links here. They need it too. If you lay down your proposal well enough, I’m sure you can work something out.

  • Data-driven Websites That Don’t Charge For Guest Posting  

Believe it or not, there are still “free things” in this world. If you’re not quite ready to pay to guest post and your website’s authority is nowhere near a point where you can start negotiating for exchanges, then you should try growing your authority by submitting your work to free guest posting sites.

You may also consider joining the following:

  • Niche Directories
  • Local Citation Listings

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